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When Forgiveness Means Forget You

Let’s face it, people screw up.  It’s called being human.  It’s called being a sinner, which each and every human being is from the moment of conception until their final breath.  We all sin and we all screw up.  Does … Continue reading

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Difference Maker

Maybe you can relate… I have those days.  You know…those days when emotions outweigh reality and/or reality outweighs everything you know to be good and true in this world (or at least in your heart).  Days when I think, why … Continue reading

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Behind The Scenes

God knows. God sees. God is working in my life, behind the scenes. Sometimes we want to know the entire story before the story is even set in motion. We want first dibs on reading the screenplay and making any … Continue reading

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He said…be still…obedient…silent. It was my own personal S.O.S. being transmitted directly by God into my life.  A distress signal indicating that a change in my life is crucial for growth, spiritual maturity and for a closer walk with God.  … Continue reading

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As I sat in my cube at work today, I had a word flash in my mind.  Passage.  In an instant my focus was carried away from the task at hand and fixated on Passage.  My very next thought, as … Continue reading

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I thought I saw you out today, My heart leaped within my chest. I sped my pace for a better view, Not heeding my need to rest.   His stature was so broad and tall, His gait was long in … Continue reading

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From Seclusion to Sanctuary

Did you ever build a fort when you were a child? Did you have that special place created just for you? A place where you sought refuge?  Growing up, I remember the excitement in being able to express my creativeness … Continue reading

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