What if…..

What if….

You were as excited and motivated to reach for your Bible, as you were for your phone

If you made peace with your enemies, and every wrong you atone

What if….

Your accountability to people, were the same as to yourself

Retaliation rocks you constantly throw, were dropped – forever to be shelved

What if….

The investment you made in others, equaled or exceeded the measure you use for you

Instead of boasting self-reliance and faith in the world, you allow Christ’s nature to shine through

What if…

Rather than posting daily selfies – photo shopped, de-wrinkled, and airbrushed

Each day becoming more selfless, pointing the world to Christ, and your vanity be hushed

What if…

Instead of flaunting to the world what you did, you wore, you saw today

You seek His will, are still to listen, with complete trust in Him to lead the way

What if……

 Deanna Clardy
 February 3, 2014














About Deanna Clardy

Hi there! My name is Deanna. This space is for me and my thoughts. If you'd like to sit back and read a bit, feel free. I'd love to share my thoughts with you! Please feel free to leave a comment or like my blog! Blessings to you and yours!
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