The Creep of Darkest Deep

To my knees I do fall, prepare me for this battle.
In the dark depths of hell, the enemy is rattled.
He is quick to pounce, while building his strength.
He seeks to destroy, all at his arm’s length.
 I’m sick of his torture, I’m sick of his lies.
The thought of his tactics, I truly despise.
I give him this message, I tell to his face.
My words are pure heartfelt, and he’s a disgrace.
And I say to him…
You want to condemn me, you want me to fail.
By causing me heartache, you think I will bail.
Defeated and broken, I fall for your schemes.
Diverting my path, you steal my life’s dreams.
My body you strike down, and send your disease.
In my pain you stand laughing, as you are well pleased.
You delight every moment, I fall for your tricks.
Bring old thoughts to memory, you sure think you’re slick.
Comparison and talents, abilities and wealth.
Friends that have forsaken me, distorted image of one’s self.
But isn’t that just like you, to destroy all that’s good.
Reminding of a sinful self, no grace from where we stood.
Your deeds are always sinister, your acts are always grim.
A constant of what could have been, or what could be again.
I shake my head in sorrow, the time he steals from me.
Then lift my eyes to Glory, and smile at what I see.
God showing me His blessing, reveal to me His truth.
Breathing life into my ashes, even from my very youth.
The truth God set before me, concerning the evil one.
We fail to use our power, what’s gifted through the Son.
The strength that he is allowed, he is allowed indeed.
But only by his might and fight, not in authority.
God gave us the power, to rule all things that creep.
And that includes the evil one, the creep of darkest deep.
With faith I stand empowered, I raise His Mighty Sword.
No longer to be shackled by, the chains of sin’s reward.
Remove yourself from my life, obey me as you must!
In Christ’s Name I condemn you, beneath my feet you’re dust!
Deanna Clardy
March 5, 2013
Conqueror in Christ2 Conqueror in Christ4 I Am A Conqueror in Christ

About Deanna Clardy

Hi there! My name is Deanna. This space is for me and my thoughts. If you'd like to sit back and read a bit, feel free. I'd love to share my thoughts with you! Please feel free to leave a comment or like my blog! Blessings to you and yours!
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1 Response to The Creep of Darkest Deep

  1. Mom says:

    I am so sorry that you are still dealing with pain, What is going on other than your hip? Is it now your right hip giving you pain? Yes, the enemy is constantly trying to defeat us at every turn!!. You are in my prayers little girl. I love you with all my heart and wish i had the magic pill to make this pain all go away and make you well again. This is a beautiful poem. You definitely have a beautiful talent but then you are my beautiful little girl!. You are brave and strong! Keep looking to Jesus! I am praying for you daily. Jesus knows your pain and sorrow. Keep me informed as to what is going on. I love you so much!!!….hugs and kisses …….mom 🙂

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